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Digital Interactions are now twice as important

During the COVID-19 pandemic 66% of B2B directors considered digital interactions the most important aspect of their business.
Source: McKinsey & Company - B2B Decision Maker survey.  
Our experts have created a digital marketing spend optimisation guide to help you identify gaps in your digital presence activity and define an analytics and
experimentation roadmap.
Digital Analytics and Experimentation

Our experts will work with you on a detailed measurement plan. We customise your Google Analytics platform to your business needs and deliver insights that are critical to move fast. We also run scientifically solid business experiments to help you move the needle and get real ROI.

Data Visualisation

We automate, visualise and help you act on the data. Dashboards can then easily be shared across your organisation and even added to big screens so everyone can see and prove the results of their work.

Technical Implementation

We take care of the boring technical implementation for you and sometimes work alongside your dev team to implement tags and markting pixels. We are certified on Google Tag Manager and Tag Commander


How it works

Industry-focused analytics

Industries we focus on are two-sided marketplaces, real estate, media, SaaS and e-commerce. We understand your business and work alongside you to deliver the best possible insights and ROI.

Visualise your data

We build effective dashboards and automate a big part of the process so you don't have to spend hours pulling the key stats you need to monitor on a regular basis. We can also offer done for you insight decks and in-depth analysis more quickly.

The Times

"Change management can be a tricky business. Our journey to become experiment driven was successful because we added the right resources to our endeavour. Our dedicated experiment lead, with the sole focus of setting up experimentation as a process, then leading us through the process. The success is shown in how our teams mindset changed, to think experimentation first. We would still be struggling with the basics had it not been for  Helena's support and energy. That mix of energy and tenacity to help drive us forward and has really helped our transition. " 


Aeneas McDonnell

Product Director at The Times / The Sunday Times

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